ПОУРОЧНЫЕ РАЗРАБОТКИ ПО АНГЛИЙСКОМУ ЯЗЫКУ 5 класс к учебнику Ю.Е. Ваулиной - 2017 год


Урок 84. Modular Test 8

Цель: проверить, как учащиеся усвоили языковой материал модуля 8.

Оборудование: копии контрольных заданий.

Ход урока

I. Организационный момент

— Good morning, children! (Good morning!)

— How are you? (Fine, thanks!)

— Are you all here?

II. Работа по теме урока

Выполнение контрольной работы

(Учащиеся выполняют контрольную работу № 8 из сборника контрольных заданий Spotlight Test Booklet 5. Учитель также может предложить ученикам контрольные задания, приведенные ниже (2 варианта).)

Вариант 1

1. Choose the correct item.

1. Let’s have ... for dessert.

a) bread

b) ice cream

c) rice

2. My mum is ... a special dish for my birthday.

a) making

b) taking

c) eating

3. I don’t like ... cakes.

a) water

b) tea

c) chocolate

4. Atypical English meal for breakfast is a bowl of....

a) soup

b) rice

c) cereal

5. The Chuseok ... lasts three days.

a) festival

b) dinner

c) parade

6. We decorate the house with ....

a) crisps

b) fireworks

c) balloons

7. Children ... up in banana costumes.

a) get

b) dress

c) set

8. Can I have a ... of juice?

a) packet

b) pair

c) glass

9. How ... sausages on sticks for the party?

a) about

b) you think

c) many

10. That... great!

a) idea

b) sounds

c) would

2. Fill in the gaps with some, any, much or many.

1. How ... milk have we got?

2. There are ... eggs in the fridge.

3. Is there ... olive oil in the cupboard?

4. How ... tomatoes do you need?

3. Complete the sentences with a/an or some.

1. Can I have ... loaf of bread?

2. You need ... butter.

3. Everyone has ... good time.

4. There’s ... orange in my lunch box.

Вариант 2

1. Choose the correct item.

1. Let’s have chicken in tomato sauce for....

a) dessert

b) lunch

c) dish

2. Grandma is ... a chocolate cake for my birthday.

a) making

b) cutting

c) taking

3. I don’t like ... with milk.

a) butter

b) tea

c) juice

4. A typical English meal for dinner is meat and ....

a) soup

b) vegetables

c) cereal

5. Thanksgiving is a big ... in the USA.

a) festival

b) dinner

c) parade

6. They ... the house with red paper.

a) prepare

b) give

c) decorate

7. Children dress ... in funny costumes.

a) of

b) up

c) on

8. Can I have a bottle of...?

a) water

b) coffee

c) orange

9. How about spaghetti... dinner?

a) at

b) for

c) on

10. Is that eat... or take away?

a) now

b) for

c) in

2. Fill in the gaps with some, any, much or many.

1. I haven’t got... biscuits in my lunch box.

2. How ... pineapples are there?

3. How ... cheese have we got?

4. There is... cake on the table.

3. Complete the sentences with a/an or some.

1. Can I have ... packet of pasta?

2. Have you got... apple?

3. There are ... lot of activities.

4. He’s got... coins in his pocket.


Вариант 1

1. 1b, 2a, 3c, 4c, 5a, 6c, 7b, 8c, 9a, 10b.

2. 1 — much; 2 — some; 3 — any; 4 — many.

3. 1 — a; 2 — some; 3 — a; 4 — an.

Вариант 2

1. 1b, 2a, 3b, 4b, 5a, 6c, 7b, 8a, 9b, 10c.

2. 1 — any; 2 — many; 3 — much; 4 — some.

3. 1 — a; 2 — an; 3 — a; 4 — some.)

(Если позволяет время, ученики выполняют тест Modules 7 & 8 в разделе Revision Section в рабочей тетради (с. 86—87).)

III. Подведение итогов урока

— Have you all finished? Leave your worksheets on my desk as you go out.

(Ученики сдают работы на проверку.)

Today I’m not going to set you any homework.