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Книга для учителя с поурочным планированием и ключами 7 класс

Перечень выражений классного обихода


Good morning (afternoon), friends.

Stand up, please.


Sit down, please.

Shall we begin?

Let’s begin our lesson.

Where shall we begin (start)?

We’ll start our lesson with the poem about...

Will you begin, please?

Are you ready to begin?

Good. / Very good.

That’s right.

Thank you!

That was very interesting!

Excellent! Fine!

It’s great!

Well done!


Good for you!

I doubt it.


Try again, please.

Do you remember?

That’s not correct.

Oh, no.

Of course, not.

Cheer up!

Help me, please.


Listen to me. Say...

Listen to the story.

Listen carefully to what I say.


Say it again.

Repeat it.

Count, please.

Let’s sing together.

Let’s play (recite the poem) together.

All together.

We are getting ready for our performance.

Let's get ready for the performance!


Let's tell the story together...

Look at your pictures.

Show me your pictures, please.

Let's finish the story.

Do you know...?

Answer my (her,...) questions, please.


Ask somebody questions.

Put questions to each other.

Do you agree with her (him)?

What do you think?

Think before you speak.

Please tell us the answer.

Try hard to think of an answer.

Ask your partner what she (he) thinks.

Who can help?

Is that correct (right)?


May I come in (ask a question / go out)? –

Yes, you may.

I am sorry, I am late.

Come here.

Come up to the blackboard (to my table).

Take the chalk, please.

Go to your seat, please.


Begin reading, please.


Go on reading, please.

Who will (would like to) be next?

Be quick!

Do you like Nick's reading?

Did you enjoy the story?

What did the writer say?

What happened next?


What was your homework?

Have you done your homework?

Have you done your homework carefully?

Get ready for the lesson, please.

Open your exercise books.

Write, please.

Write in your exercise books, please.

Write down your homework.

You've got a five. Your mark is a five.


The lesson is over.

That is all for today.

We have done enough.

Goodbye, everybody.