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Книга для учителя с поурочным планированием и ключами 7 класс

Ключи к упражнениям рабочей тетради



Section 1

Ex. 1, p. 70

a) windsurfing — the only one water sport in the Hnc

b) gymnastics — all the others are team-eames with a ball

c) horse riding — all the others arc water sports


Ex. 2, p. 70 (variants are possible)

football; table tennis; badminton; volleyball; chess; gymnastics; aerobics: dance; swimming: ice-skating; horse riding: jumping: running; boxing; figure skating: wrestling: hockey; judo: kickboxing: polo; athletics: handball


Ex. 4, p. 71

1 - fast; 2 — high; 3 — usually: 4 — energetically; 5 — daily, weekly, monthly (in 5 - the words can be given in any order)


Ex. 5, p. 71

a) - 2, b) – 1, c) – 1, d) - 3


Ex. 1, p. 72


good for keeping fit

eating fruit and vegetables

walking with a dog

jogging in a park

sleeping not less than eight hours a day

doing some gymnastics in the morning

having the latest meal not later than 7 p.m.

bad for keeping fit


going to bed after 11 p.m.

getting up at noon

eating hamburgers and “hot dogs”

doing lessons late at night

eating too many sweets, cakes and chips


Ex. 2, p. 72

1. I can hardly hear you.

2. You haven’t been to the gym lately.

3. It’s too late to go to the swimming pool.

4. He nearly won the competition.

5. Daily walks are highly recommended for you.

6. To become an athlete you’ll have to train very hard.


Ex. 3, p. 73

Don’t go horse riding, you can be kicked by a horse!

Don't go ice-skating, you can fall down and break your leg!

Don’t go skiing, you can catch a cold!

Don’t go windsurfing, you can be eaten by sharks!

Don’t play football, you can be hit with a ball!

Don't play chess, you can fall asleep and fall off the chair!


Ex. 4, pp. 73-74

1. milk, low-fat meat, fish, eggs, porridge, fruit, vegetables

2. hamburgers, cheeseburgers, chips, ice cream, fizzy drinks

3. variants arc possible


Ex. 1, p. 75


about health

about feelings

to be ill

to be bored

to feel sick

to feel depressed

to have a stomachache

to feel lonely

to have toothache

to have a problem

to have a runny nose

be frightened

to have a sore throat

to worry


Ex. 2, p. 75

1. He has got a sore throat.

2. Pe has got a sore finger.

3. He has got toothache.

4. He has got a headache.

5. He has got a sore eye.

6. He has got a temperature.


Ex. 3, p. 75-76

a) 1 — c), 2 — c), 3 — a), 4 — c)


Section 4

Ex. 2, p. 77

2. A hamster moves quicker (more quickly) than a tortoise.

3. A monkey climbs trees better than a bear.

4. A kangaroo jumps further than a hare.

5. A dolphin dives deeper than a duck.

6. An eagle flies higher than a cockerel.

7. A brown bear swims worse than a polar bear.

8. A cow runs slower (more slowly) than a horse.


Ex. 3, p. 78

2. Cockerels can sing most pleasantly of all.

3. Eagles can fly highest of all.

4. Whales can dive deepest of all.

5. Elephants can cry loudest of all.

6. Camels can live without eating and diinkine longest of all.

7. Tortoises can sleep the most lazily of all.


Ex. 5, p. 79

1. well; fluently, correct

2. highly

3. late

4. lately; hardly


Ex. 6, pp. 79-80

1 - a), 2 — b), 3 - c), 4 - h), 5 - a)