Английский язык: Экспресс-репетитор для подготовки к ЕГЭ: «Грамматика и лексика»



Test 39. Put the verbs in brackets into the correct passive form.

1. You (take) around the city tomorrow.

2. Melons (grow) in the south of France.

3. The ship-building industry (reduce) since 1970.

4. He (shock) by the story at our last meeting.

5. This text must (translate) tomorrow.

6. In 1980 the Olympic Games (hold) in Moscow.

7. The room (not clean) yet.

8. Mercedes cars (make) in Germany.

9. The furniture should (dust) every week.

10. The streets (decorate) at the moment.

11. The translation (do) in time. Everyone was glad.

12. We (impress) by her acting at her last concert.

13. More raw materials (import) in the future.

14. Your health can (improve) with more exercise.

15. The books have to (return) to the library.

16. The letters (send) this week.

17. Today a lot of electronic goods (manufacture) in SouthEast Asia.

18. The examination (hold) next Friday.

19. Coal (mine) in Wales for centuries.

20. Where’s the radio? It (repair)?

Test 40. Put the verbs in brackets into the correct passive form.

1. When the telephone (invent)?

2. I can’t give you these articles.They (translate) now.

3. The letter (not write) tomorrow.

4. English (speak) all over the world.

5. She showed me the picture that (paint) by her husband.

6. My dress is clean now. It (wash).

7. All the questions on the paper must (answer).

8. These houses (build) in 1500.

9. Tomorrow by 3 o’clock everything (prepare).

10. Rugby (play) since 1845.

11. My house (paint) the whole day yesterday.

12. Flowers usually (sell) in the streets.

13. This film (discuss) at the next lesson.

14. Your composition (write) yet?

15. I couldn’t use my hotel room because it (not clean) yet.

16. It was very dark. Nothing could (see).

17. What usually (make) from milk?

18. I’m sure that the invitation (receive) by next Sunday.

19. Wait a little! Your question (discuss) now.

20. The UK (wash) by the Atlantic Ocean and the North Sea.

Test 41. Put the verbs in brackets into the correct passive form.

1. When the first restaurant (open) on the Moon?

2. Pineapples (not grow) in England.

3. The room (clean) yet? Can I use it?

4. When you return from your journey, this novel already (publish).

5. Where are the skis? They (repair) now?

6. The results (announce) tomorrow morning.

7. All the work (do) by 6 o’clock yesterday.

8. The plants should (water) every week.

9. What kinds of medicines usually (make) from plants?

10. Coca-Cola (produce) since 1895.

11. When the first car (construct)?

12. When I came to the office, the text already (translate).

13. A new school (build) in our district now.

14. Your shirt is dirty. It must (clean).

15. The statue broke while it (move) to another room.

16. These books (buy) two days ago.

17. Don’t worry! Your keys (find). Here they are!

18. Russia (rule) from Moscow.

19. When I came, the film still (discuss).

20. I think the report (not write) by next Monday.

Test 42. Read the text and put the verbs in brackets into the correct passive form.

Policeman Shot Dead in Training A police officer has died after suffering a gunshot wound to the chest in a training exercise in Manchester. The male officer died in hospital after the incident, which took place in Thorp Road, about a mile from the city centre, at about 11.35. The officer (1)(take) to North Manchester General Hospital, where he (2)(pronounce) dead later. Police sealed off entrances to the site but forensic officers could (3)(see) in the yard outside the warehouse, which (4)(cordon) off with yellow tape. An ambulance was also on site. It was not immediately clear whether the officer (5)(shoot) accidentally by one of his own colleagues. A Greater Manchester Police spokesman said the training exercise (6)(hold) in a “reasonably routine” way. The Independent Police Complaints Commission (7)(notify) about the fatal shooting and three investigators (8)(send) to the scene to carry out an initial assessment. The area where the incident happened is the site of a disused former electronics factory, which (9)(know) locally as the Sharp Building. The factory (10)(surround) by other industrial units and wasteland.