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Test 10. Fill in the correct prepositions of, to, with, at, about, for .

1. He was afraid ___ his enemies.

2. I’ve always been terribly fond ___ you.

3. He is unaccustomed ___ the heat.

4. They may feel jealous ___ your success.

5. I was terrified ___ her.

6. That was clever ___ you.

7. I turned the job down, which was stupid ___ me.

8. My problems are very similar ___ yours.

9. He was dedicated ___ his job.

10. I could never be bored ___ football.

11. He was very pleased ___ her.

12. He was shocked ___ the hatred they had shown.

13. She has always been bad ___ languages.

14. It’s difficult ___ young people to live on their own.

15. It was unusual ___ them to go away at the weekend.

16. It was rude ___ him to leave so suddenly.

17. She was rude ___ him for no reason.

18. She was still angry ___ the results.

19. They’re getting pretty fed up ___ him.

20. If you continue to support someone who is in trouble you are loyal ___ them.

Test 11. Fill in the correct prepositions of, to, with, at, about, for, from .

1. If two things are almost the same, one is similar ___ the other.

2. Someone who is a fine athlete is good ___ games.

3. I was proud ___ my brother.

4. I’m very surprised ___ you. I can’t understand the way you behave.

5. Life is very different ___ what it used to be.

6. Who is responsible ___ this mess?

7. I’m delighted ___ the result. It’s exactly what I wanted.

8. In the army, a sergeant is senior ___ a corporal.

9. If two houses are exactly the same, one is identical ___ the other.

10. If something makes you very unhappy, you are very upset ___ it.

11. If someone makes you very angry, you are furious ___ them.

12. If you feel that you do not trust someone, you are suspicious ___ them.

13. If you treat someone very well, you are being kind ___ them.

14. If you have agreed to marry someone, you are engaged ___ him/her.

15. Everyone was very critical ___ the way he behaved.

16. We were very happy ___ the way they treated us.

17. I was very displeased ___ the way they looked.

18. I feel sorry ___ Nick. He has a lot of problems.

19. I’m sorry ___ the noise last night. We were having a party.

20. That was not very polite ___ you.