Английский язык: Экспресс-репетитор для подготовки к ЕГЭ: «Грамматика и лексика»



Test 1. Fill in many, much, few, a few, little , or a little .

1. Most people in this city have jobs – there isn’t ___ unemployment.

2. I live in a small village. There is a church, a shop and ___ houses – that’s all.

3. How ___ apples are on the table?

4. We are late. We have very ___ time.

5. He spends too ___ money.

6. ___ effort had been made before the peace treaty was signed.

7. He needs to buy a lot of things but he hasn’t got ___ money.

8. There aren’t ___ chairs in this room.

9. This flat is small so there are very ___ rooms here.

10. I don’t know ___ about these people.

11. He comes here ___ times a week because he has ___ free time.

12. We are destroying ___ trees and forests.

13. We use ___ electricity.

14. We burn ___ coal.

15. People put ___ chemicals into the seas.

16. There is very ___ juice left. I must buy some.

17. There is ___ Coke in the bottle. Do you want some?

18. She hasn’t got ___ homework today.

19. I need ___ eggs and ___ butter to make a cake.

20. ___ people can’t find jobs nowadays.

Test 2. Fill in much, many, few, a few, little or a little .

1. He isn’t popular. He has very ___ friends.

2. Ann is very busy these days. She has ___ free time.

3. Did you take ___ photographs when you were on holiday?

4. I am not very busy today. I haven’t got ___ to do.

5. The museum was very crowded. There were too ___ people.

6. Most of the town is modern. There are ___ old buildings.

7. The weather has been very dry recently. We have had ___ rain.

8. Do you mind if I ask you ___ questions?

9. ‘Would you like milk in your coffee?’ ‘Yes, please. ___.’

10. This is a very boring place to live. There’s ___ to do.

11. Things are not going so well for her. She has ___ problems.

12. This town is not a very interesting place to visit, so ___ tourists come here.

13. Would you like ___ cake?

14. Would you like ___ apples?

15. There are lots of boys in our class, but very ___ girls.

16. Don’t eat too ___ sweets before lunch!

17. Eating too ___ fat is bad for your health.

18. I can’t do much I’m afraid. I have so ___ time.

19. Don’t buy any more cheese. We have ___ left.

20. How ___ cups of coffee do you drink a day?