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11.3. DO or MAKE

Test 5. Complete the following sentences with an appropriate form of do or make .

1. Her job has something to ___ with marketing.

2. Girls ___ up half of the students in the school.

3. You’ll have to ___ without your dinner if you don’t get back in time.

4. She sits in front of the mirror for ages ___ herself up.

5. The government have decided to ___ away with the old tax law.

6. When the bell rang, the students ___ for the door.

7. Let’s ___ the store room into an extra kitchen, shall we?

8. Speak louder – I can’t ___ out what you’re saying.

9. ___ up your coat – it’s cold.

10. I was ___ out of ten pounds in the shop this morning.

11. They mugged the old lady and ___ off with her handbag.

12. If you ___ your best to explain the problem, I’m sure she’ll understand.

13. What did the robbers ___ off with?

14. It’s about time you ___ some exercise – you’re getting a bit overweight.

15. I don’t know what to ___ of Christina’s odd behaviour just lately.

16. I could have ___ it with more help.

17. I don’t believe him – he’s ___ it up!

18. How many times a week do you ___ the shopping?

19. You must ___ a decision now.

20. To ___ a fortune you have to ___ a lot of hard work.

Test 6. Complete the following sentences with the appropriate form of do or make .

1. I ___ an appointment to see the optician.

2. After he ___ his homework, he found he ___ a mistake.

3. This drug can ___ miracles for people with back problems.

4. They ___ a lot of changes in the town centre recently.

5. You ___ the right thing by telling the police.

6. He ___ an archaeological discovery.

7. After being ill for two weeks, he is now ___ an excellent recovery.

8. She ___ a lot of research in the field of medicine.

9. I ___ an arrangement to meet him at the cinema yesterday.

10. It is important that you ___ exercise in order to keep fit.

11. All that smoking ___ you harm.

12. He ___ an excuse and left the office in a hurry.

13. I always tried ___ my best, but she was never satisfied.

14. He ___ some research into ancient religions at the moment.

15. If you don’t ___ an effort, you won’t any progress.

16. If you pay in cash, we can ___ you a small discount.

17. Please let me know if you have any criticism to ___.

18. Tying a knot in my handkerchief ___ me remember what I have to do.

19. Your explanation simply doesn’t ___ sense.

20. I wonder if you could ___ me a small favour.

Test 7. Fill the gaps in the following text with one suitable word.

Overdoing It

‘OK, you can ___ (1) your shirt up now,’ said Doctor Hymes. He had just given me a thorough check-up and was ___ (2) detailed notes on a big sheet of paper.

‘What do you ___ (3) of it all, doctor?’ I asked anxiously.

‘Well, the first thing is that you could ___ (4) with a good rest. You’ve been overdoing it a bit, haven’t you?’ I admitted. I had been ___ (5) a lot of overtime recently. I had taken a lot on and had ___ (6) a bit of a mess of it all and was suffering from stress. He agreed that that probably had a lot to ___ (7) with it. I had also ___ (8) the mistake of starting to smoke again; in fact my diet was now largely made ___ (9) of coffee and cigarettes. The doctor then reminded me that coffee did a lot of ___ (10) to our nervous system and of course cigarettes ___ (11) a lot of damage to the whole system. He said I should try and ___ (12) without coffee for a few days and make a serious ___ (13) to cut out smoking altogether.

‘And make ___ (14) you have a proper meal every day,’ he warned. His last piece of advice was that I should find time to ___ (15) some jogging every day. I promised him I’d do my best.