Английский язык: Экспресс-репетитор для подготовки к ЕГЭ: «Грамматика и лексика»



Test 1. Fill in the correct personal pronouns.

1. She is very handsome. I envy______.

2. They are not reliable. He doubts ______.

3. I taught her.______ learned it from ______.

4. We asked for his advice.______ advised______ not to come.

5. He dislikes her, and______ hates ______, it’s evident.

6. You should be there on time. I want______ to come on time.

7. She is from England,______ gave me lessons in English.

8. They are our friends. We invited______ to the party.

9. He wrote this letter. I recognized______ by his handwriting.

10. ‘Did you see the snake?’ ‘Yes, I saw______ and ______saw______.’

11. ‘Where’s Tom?’ ‘That’s ______over there.’

12. ‘Where’s my map?’ ‘I left ______on the desk.’

13. Look at that bird. ______always comes to my window.

14. ‘What time is ______?’ ‘______ is four.’

15. ‘Who is that?’ ______‘ ’s me.’

16. Hi, it is so nice to see ______again.

17. ______doesn’t matter.

18. I like when ______’s warm.

19. I find______ difficult to explain anything to him.

20. You are not guilty of ______, are you?

Test 2. Fill in the correct personal pronouns.

1. Who is that woman? Why are you looking at ______?

2. Do you know that man? I work with ______.

3. I’m talking to you. Please listen to ______.

4. These books are interesting. Do you want to look at ______?

5. He likes that camera. He’s going to buy ______.

6. Where are the tickets? I can’t find ______.

7. We’re going out. You can go with ______.

8. I don’t like dogs. I’m afraid of ______.

9. Where is he? I want to talk to ______.

10. These plums are bad. Don’t eat ______.

11. I want those pencils. Please give______ to ______.

12. They want the money. Please give______ to ______.

13. He wants the key. Please give______ to______.

14. He never drinks milk. He doesn’t like ______.

15. I often go to the parties. ______like ______.

16. ‘Where are my glasses?’ ‘______ are on the table.’

17. Where’s Dan? I want to talk to ______.

18. We’re going shopping. Do you want to go with ______?

19. I want to see him but______ doesn’t want to see ______.

20. I don’t know those people. Do you know ______?