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Test 8. Fill in the correct demonstrative pronouns.

1. Which flowers do you want? ______or ______?

2. Excuse me, is______ your bag?

3. They talked about ______and ______.

4. Which shoes do you like most? ______or ______?

5. ______’s why they accepted his proposal.

6. ______is Ann speaking.

7. After______ they decided not to come.

8. ______will do.

9. I’ll take______ books.

10. He’s been waiting______ three weeks.

11. She went to______ doctor and ______, no result.

12. ______day was the worst of his life.

13. I’m tired out.______ ’s why I’m going home early.

14. George likes Mary, but she doesn’t like him. ______’s what annoys him.

15. The engine starts and the light goes on. ______’s when you press the button.

16. ‘They’re getting engaged in April.’ ‘ ______’s marvellous.’

17. ______was the biggest mistake in his life.

18. ‘We’re moving to London.’ ‘ ______’s fantastic!’

19. ______ is what I think.

20. ______will help her to come in time.

Test 9. Fill in the correct demonstrative pronouns.

1. I never forget my holiday in London. ______was the holiday of a lifetime.

2. What are you doing ______ Sunday?

3. Didn’t you just love ______ striped trousers in the shop we just passed?

4. Mmm! ______ is the best cake I’ve ever tasted!

5. Do you see ______ boy over there? He’s my cousin.

6. Hello, ______ is Mr Cook. Can I speak to Mr Brown, please?

7. I can’t go out in ______ coat. It’s too tight.

8. ‘I’ve been accepted by my first choice of university.’ ‘Congratulations. ______ is fantastic!’

9. ______ were the days when we used to dance every night.

10. Don’t you think ______ new electronic diaries that we saw in the shop are really clever?

11. ‘______ belonged to my grandmother,’ said David as he slipped the ring onto Jane’s finger.

12. Don’t you think ______ jeans suit me?

13. ______ biscuits are delicious. Did you make them yourself?

14. ______ records you threw out were my original hits from the seventies!

15. Aren’t ______ girls over there your students?

16. ‘______ bike needs repairing.’ ‘______ is what I was trying to tell you.’

17. What do you think of ______ dress Ann was wearing last night?

18. I don’t go anywhere ______ week.

19. What’s ______ you’re reading?

20. ______ boy over there is my son.