АНГЛИЙСКИЙ ЯЗЫК - Супертренажер - 2016



Упражнение 148 [aι]

Bible, bide, bike, bile, bite, chime, chine, cipher, clime, cline, compile, concise, confine, devise, dice, die, diet, dike, dime, dive, divide, file.

Упражнение 149 [aι]

Fine, finely, Friday, gibe, glide, glider, gripe, guide, ice, icicle, icon, ideal, idea, incise, invite, jive, jibe, kite, knife, knives, lie, lice, life, lives, like, lime, line, microbe, mile, mime, mine, nice, nine, pie, pile, pine, polite, pride, prime, prize, provide, quite, rice, ride, rider, riding.

Упражнение 150 [aι]

Rife, rime, ripe, rise, riser, rive, shine, shrine, side, sine, site, size, slice, slide, slime, smile, smite, snide, snipe, spice, spider, spike, spine, spite, splice.

Упражнение 151 [aι]

Stile, stride, strife, strike, striker, stripe, strive, swine, swipe, thine, thrice, thrive, tide, tie, tiger, tike, tile, time, timer, tiny, tithe, title, tribe, trice, vice, vie, vile, vine, viper, vise, while, white, whine, wine, wipe, wise, write, writhe.

! Буквосочетание -ind- читается [aιnd].

Упражнение 152 [aι]

Bind, binder, blind, blinder, climb, find, grind, kind, kindly, mind, mild, wild.

! Буквосочетание -igh- читается [aι].

Упражнение 153 [aι]

Bright, brighten, fight, flight, high, knight, light, lighten, lightning, might, nigh, night, plight, right, sigh, sight, slight, thigh, tight, tighten, wright, wight.

Упражнение 154 [aι]

Cycle, cyclone, fly, hydra, hyphen, my, nylon, ply, psycho, shy, sky, style, stylish, stylist, try, dye, tyke, type, why.

Упражнение 155 [aι]

Eiderdown, either, eisteddfod, gneiss, height, heighten, meiosis, neither, pleistocene, seismic, seismograph, stein, steinbok.

Читаем диалог!

- ... er... Hi! ... Are you all right? ... er ...

Would you like a ride in my cart?

- No, thanks. I’m fine. I’m just flying my

kite and enjoying the sunshine.

- Oh ... er ... alright! Have a nice time!

Упражнение 156 [eι]

Ace, age, amaze, babe, baby, bale, base, bathe, blade, blame, blaze, brace, brake, brave, brazen, cable, cage, cake, crake, crane, daze, erade, fable, face, fake, fame, famous, favour, faze.

Упражнение 157 [eι]

Flame, frame, game, gape, glade, glaze, grace, grade, graze, hate, impale, inflate, inhale, jade, kale, knave, label, labour, lace, lacy, ladle, lady, laze, lazy, mace, made, make, male, mane, maze.

Упражнение 158 [eι]

Name, nape, nation, native, navy, pace, page, pale, pane, paper, paste, pastry, pasty, pate, phase, phrase, phrasal, place, plane, prate, race, racy, radial, radar, radio, radius, rake, sable, sacred, safe, sage, sake.

Упражнение 159 [eι]

Sale, shade, shady, shake, shale, shame, shape, slake, slate, snake, space, spade, spake, stable, stage, stake, stale, state, table, take, tale, tame, tape, thane, trace, trade, vacant, vague, vale, vane, wade, wafer, wage, wake, waste, whale.

Упражнение 160 [eι]

Aid, aide, ail, aileron, ailment, aim, aitch, bail, bailey, bait, baize, braid, braille, brain, braise, caiman, claim, contain, container, daily, daisy, drain, fail, failing, failure, fain, faint, faith.

Упражнение 161 [eι]

Flail, frail, gain, gait, gaiter, grail, grain, hail, kail, laid, lain, maid, maiden, mail, mailbox, mailbag, main, maintain, maize, nail, pain, paid, pail, paint, painter, plain, plaint, plaintive.

Упражнение 162 [eι]

Praise, quail, quaint, raid, rail, raillery, rain, rainbow, raindrop, rainy, raise, raisin, sail, sailor, saint, slain, snail, staid, stain, stained, straight, strain, strait, tail, tailor, taint, train, training, waif, wail, wain, wait, waist, waiter, wraith.

Упражнение 163 [eι]

Bay, bayonet, bayou, bray, cayman, cayenne, clay, caymore, crayfish, crayon, day, flay, fray, gay, hay, jay, lay, layer, layette, layman, may, May, maybe, mayhem, mayonnaise, nay, pay, payable, payola, payroll, play, pray, prayer, ray, rayon, say, shay, slay, splay, spray, sprayer, stay, stray, way.

Упражнение 164 [eι]

Beige, eight, eighty, feign, feint, freight, geisha, heinous, lei, neigh, neighbour, obeisance, reign, rein, seine, sheikh, sleigh, stein, veil, vein, weigh, weight.

Упражнение 165 [eι]

Bey, grey, greyhound, key, obey, they.

Читаем диалог!

- I’m afraid I’ve made a mistake on this form. Is your name spelt J-A-C-K?

- No. It’s J-A-H-K. And here’s another mistake. My occupation. I’m not a wine taster. I’m a food tester.

Упражнение 166

Avoid, boil, boisterous, broil, choice, cloister, coif, coil, coin, coinage, coir, devoid, doily, embroider, embroil, foible, foil, foist, goitre, groin, hoist, join, joiner, joinery, joint, joist, loin, loins.

Упражнение 167

Moiety, moist, moisten, moisture, noise, noisome, noisy, oil, oiled, oilman, oilrig, oilskin, oily, oink, ointment, poignancy, poignant, poinsettia, point, pointer, pointless, pointsman, poise, poison.

Упражнение 168

Quoit, quoits, repoint, roisterer, soil, spoil, spoilage, spoils, spoilsport, toil, toilet, toiletries, toiletry, toils, voice, voiceless, void, voile.

Упражнение 169

Annoy, annoyance, boy, cloy, coy, coyote, coypu, doyley, employ, employment, foyer, groyne, hoyden, joy, joyless, joyous, joyride, joystick, loyal, loyalist, loyalty, oyster, royal, royalist, royalty, soy, toy, toyshop, troy, voyage, voyager.

Читаем диалог!

- I put all this oil in the rice?

- Yes, all the oil, and then let it boil.

Упражнение 170

Ago, abode, Afro, alone, ammonia, appro, awoke, bloke, bone, broque, broke, broker, choke, chose, chrome, close, clothe, code, cola, coma, cone, cope, cove, crone, debone, devote, dispose, doe, doge, dole, dome, donor, dope, dose, doze, drogue, drone.

Упражнение 171

Echo, erode, floe, focal, focus, foe, folio, global, globe, glucose, go, goer, going, grocer, grope, grove, ho, hoe, hole, holy, home, homey, hope, impose, imposing, joke, joker, lobe, local, locus, lode, lone, lonely, loner.

Упражнение 172

Modal, mode, mole, moleskin, moment, mosey, motion, motive, motor, no, noble, nobly, node, open, over, overtone, poke, pone, pope, pose, pro, probe, programme, progress, prole, prolix, prologue, propose, provoke, quote, quota, quoth, quotient.

Упражнение 173

Recto, remote, repose, revoke, robe, roe, rogue, roguery, roguish, role, romance, rope, rose, rota, rotary, rote, rotor, rove, scone, scope, sloe, slope, smoke, smoky, so, sober, social, soda.

Упражнение 174

Sodium, sofa, sole, solely, solo, stoke, stole, stone, strobe, strode, stroke, thole, toe, token, tote, totem, trope, vocal, vogue, vole, vote, whole, wholesale, wilco, woe, woeful, woke, yoke, yokel, yoga, yokel.

Упражнение 175

Arrow, blow, blowhard, bow, bowl, bowling, crow, elbow, flow, flown, follow, glow, grow, grower, growth, hollow, ingrown, know, knowledge, low, lower, lowly, mow, mower.

Упражнение 176

Own, row, rowan, rower, rowing, shadow, show, slow, snow, snowball, snowdrift, snowflake, snowy, sow, stow, throw, tow.

Упражнение 177

Approach, afloat, bloater, boast, boaster, boastful, boat, boatman, cloak, coach, coal, coast, coaster, coat, encroach, float, floating, foal, foam, gloat, goal, goat, groan, groat, hoax, load, loaf, loaves, m, loan, loath, loathe, loathsome.

Упражнение 178

Moan, moat, moated, oath, oatmeal, oats, refloat, reproach, road, roadster, roadway, roam, roan, roast, roaster, shoal, soak, soap, stoat, toast.

Упражнение 179

Dough, mould, moulder, moulding, moult, ought, poultice, poultry, remould, shoulder, smoulder, soul, soulful, soulless, though.

Упражнение 180

Bolt, colt, dolt, jolt, revolt, volt, cold, enfold, fold, gold, golden, hold, old, scold, told, roll, toll, stroll, scroll, folk, comb, ghost, ghostly, host, holster, most, post, wont, swollen.

Читаем диалог!

- Are you going to go to the boat show?

- Mmm ... don’t know ... Maybe I’ll go with Bert.

- Does Bert have a boat?

- No.

- Oh.

Упражнение 181

Around, astound, background, blouse, bound, bounce, boundary, bountiful, bounty, bout, cloud, cloudy, clout, couch, council, counsel, count, countable, counter, countess, crouch, denounce, doubt, expound, flounce, flounder, flout.

Упражнение 182

Foul, found, foundation, founder, foundry, fountain, Gouda, gouge, ground, grouch, grounds, groundwork, grouse, house, hound, household, housing, impound, knout, loud, loudmouth, lounge, lounger, louse, lousy, lout, mount, mound.

Упражнение 183

Mountain, mountaintop, mouse, mouser, mousetrap, mouth, mouthful, noun, out, pouch, pounce, pound, pounding, proud, round, rouse, rout, scoundrel, scour, scout, scrounge, shout, shouting, sound, sounding, sour, south, spouse, spout, sprout, thou, thousand, tousle, tout, trounce, trousers, trout, voucher, vouch, wound.

Упражнение 184

Bough, doughty, plough.

Упражнение 185

Bow, brow, brown, brownie, browse, chow, chowder, clown, clownish, cow, coward, cowardice, cowbell, cowboy, cower, cowherd, cowl, cowling, crowd, crown, dowdy, dowel, down, downy, dowry, dowse, flower, flowerbed, flowering, flowerpot, flowery.

Упражнение 186

Fowl, fowling, frown, frowst, frowsty, frowzy, glower, growl, how, howdah, howdy, however, howitzer, howl, howler, jowl, now, owl, powder, powdery, power, powerful, powerless, powers, rowel, rower, scow, scowl, shower, towel, tower, town, township, trowel, vow, vowel, wow, yowl.

Читаем диалог!

- How’s your cow?

- Better now I’m taking it to Roy Coyne. It’s running around town using less oil.

- I didn’t ask about your car! I said how’s your cow? You know, your brown cow!

Упражнение 187 [ιə]

Appear, appearance, beard, besmear, bleary, clear, dear, dearly, deary, drear, dreary, ear, earache, eardrum, eard, earlabe, earmark, earmuff, earphone, earpiece, earplug, fear, fearful, fearless, fearsome, gear, hear, hearer, hearing, near, nearby, rear, sear, shear, shears, smear, spear, tear, tearful, teargas, weary, year, yearbook, yearling, yearlong, yearly.

Упражнение 188 [ιə]

Cereal, clerestory, here, hereby, hereto, interfere, interference, mere, reredos, sere.

Упражнение 189 [ιə]

Cheer, deer, eerie, jeer, leer, meerschaum, engineer, engineering, musketeer, peer, peerage, peeress, peerless, queer, scrutineer, seer, seersucker, sheer, sneer, steer, steerage, veer, veneer, volanteer.

Читаем диалог!

- There’s a bee in your beer.

- I can’ hear.

- I said here’s to you, my dear.

- Cheers, dear! I’ve been hearing that joke about a bee in my beer for nearly sixty-three years.

Упражнение 190

Courgette, dour, gourd, gourmand, gourmet, houri, tour, tourism, tourist, tournament, tourney, tourniquet.

Упражнение 191

Adjure, cure, demure, durex, endure, ensure, epicure, impure, insure, insured, insurer, lure, manure, obscure, ordure, pure, secure, sure, surely, surefire.

Упражнение 192

Curia, curio, curiosity, curious, during, furious, furiously, incurious, jurist, lurid, purify, purity, puritan, security.

Упражнение 193 [еə]

Area, aware, bare, barefoot, barely, beware, blare, care, dare, fare, flare, glare, hare, mare, pare, rare, rarebit, rarefied, rarefy, rarely, share, sharecropper, shareholder, shares, snare, spare, square, stare, tare, warehouse, tinware, ironware, kitchenware, wares.

Упражнение 194 [еə]

Ere, there, thereabouts, thereafter, thereby, therefore, therein, thereof, thereon, thereto, thereupon, werewolf, where, whereabouts, whereas, whereat, whereby, wherefore, wherein, whereof, whereon, wheresoever, whereto, whereupon, wherever.

Упражнение 195 [еə]

Affair, air, aircraft, airdrop, airfield, airing, baim, chair, cairn, chairman, chairvoyant, dairy, dairymaid, dispair, dispairing, fair, flair, hair, lair, laird, pair, prairie, stair, staircase, stairs, stairwell.