АНГЛИЙСКИЙ ЯЗЫК - Супертренажер - 2016


Согласные звуки

Упражнение 196 [p]

Pace, page, pack, paddle, pains, paper, pare, part, picnic, pea, pearl, pet, petrify, pig, pillion, pile, pike, pine, pinewood, pirate, place, plane, planet, plastic, play, pleasure, plume, plum, pluck, plug, ply.

Упражнение 197 [p]

Poach, pocket, point, poison, poke, pole, polish, poll, pony, poof, pore, pork, positive, poser, post, postman, pouch, powder, practice, pray, preference, presence, press, prevail, price, pride, prime.

Упражнение 198 [p]

Privy, proctor, profit, prom, progress, prompt, prosy, providence, public, puce, puck, pull, pun, punk, purpose, purr, purse, purvey, push, pussycat, put, puzzle, pygmy, pyjama, pyramid, python.

Упражнение 199 [p]

Apology, appear, appeal, apron, burp, cap, cape, capital, champion, chapter, chip, chop, clapboard, company, crisps, crop, cuppa, damp, depress, dispatch, develop, diplomat, empty, enterprise, epic, episode.

Упражнение 200 [p]

Express, floppy, footpath, frontpage, Jeep, gallop, gypsy, happy, harp, harm, hypocrite, impale, impel, imperfect, importance, inspire, keep, leap, leprosy, lope, map, misspell, moped, multiple, option, opera, optimism.

Упражнение 201 [p]

Report, republic, reproof, response, ripe, rumple, rumpus, saltpan, soap, separation, septic, sparse, spasm, sparrow, speech, spike, splay, sprain, step, tape, tapestry, tempo, topcoat, underproof, vamp, viper, weapon, wrapper, zipper.

Упражнение 202 [b]

Babble, baby, back, baker, bandit, barrel, base, beam, beating, bed, bedspread, bedtime, bee, been, begin, behind, best, beyond, big, bike, birch, birth, bitter, black, bless, block, blood, blow, blouse, board, bodice, body.

Упражнение 203 [b]

Bone, bondage, book, boost, botch, borrow, bound, boundary, brace, bread, break, breeze, bribe, bridge, bridle, broker, broad, bubble, bulb, brown, burrow, burn, butter, button, by, bye, bypass, byword.

Упражнение 204 [b]

Abide, about, above, abroad, abstract, cab, cable, cabin, cabinet, capable, debark, debate, debit, dibble, disbar, drop, ebb, ebony, emboss, fable, feeble, fibre, flyblown, gable, hobo, hobby, humble, inconceivable, incubation, jabber, job.

Упражнение 205 [b]

Jobless, kohlrabi, lab, labour, liberal, library, limber, lobster, lobby, lumber, marimba, nab, nebular, nibble, nobody, number, obey, object, oblige, obscure, obstinate, obvious, pebble, potbelly, prescribed, probation, probe, rabbit, rebuff, rebound, rebuild, rhombus, rib, ribbing, ribbon, robe, robot, rubble.

Упражнение 206 [b]

Sable, sabra, sabre, scabbard, scramble, shabby, shebeen, shrubbery, sibilant, slab, snob, sobbing, squabble, stable, squib, step, stepchild, stillborn, stubborn, subject, subside, sunburnt, superb, table, tablet, teabag, toboggan, tub, vibrate, web.

The bank in Bond Park is opposite the bookshop!

Упражнение 207 [m]

Machine, mad, madam, mag, magenta, make, man, manager, manmade, manners, March, marine, market, marmalade, master, matter, match, me, mean, meaning, medal, medicate, meet, member, melody, merge, memory, mermaid, middle, mike, might, mild, militant, mime, minimum, mirror, misgive.

Упражнение 208 [m]

Misfit, mist, mix, mode, model, module, moleskin, money, monkey, moon, more, mortar, motorcar, month, mouse, move, mow, muffin, mug, museum, murder, murmur, music, muslin, mustard, muzzle, my, myself, mystic, myth.

Упражнение 209 [m]

Amaze, ambient, ambition, amount, amusement, army, assume, attempt, bamboo, blackmail, bombast, bumper, come, champion, chrome, clamour, combat, comfort, cream, customs, dame, damp, deem, demand, denominate, dilemma, dogma, dolmen, dominant, doom, economy, embassy, emboss, empty, example.

Упражнение 210 [m]

Fame, film, feminist, flame, form, frame, from, frogmarch, firm, gammon, game, glamour, grammar, hammer, hamper, hemisphere, hemline, home, homesick, homonym, human, humble, hymnal, impress, jam, lame, lemon, lime, llama, lump, lymph.

Упражнение 211 [m]

Name, nimbus, nomadic, number, nymph, old, omnibus, palm, parliament, perfume, pommy, preliminary, prim, primus, promise, pumice, pump, rampant, random, remainder, reprimand, rime, romance, rum, same, sample, shame, seem, seamless, seminar, shimmer.

Упражнение 212 [m]

Simple, smock, some, smirk, stomach, storm, swamp, tandem, tame, team, tempest, temperature, time, tomorrow, tomato, tramp, tremble, ultimo, unmanned, vacuum, vamp, volume, warm, whimper, wimple, zoom.

Упражнение 213 [m]

Aplomb, bomb, cockcomb, comb, coxcomb, crumb, disentomb, dumb, entomb, hecatomb, honeycomb, lamb, limb, numb, plumb, plumber, plumbing, rhomb, rhumb, succumb, thumb, tomb, womb.

Упражнение 214 [m]

Autumn, column, condemn, contemn, damn, goddamn, hymn, limn, solemn.

Упражнение 215 [m]

Balm, becalm, calm, embalm, haulm, malm, malmsey, napalm, palm, psalm, qualm.

Читаем диалог!

- I’m thinking of moving.

- Oh. Where to?

- Mm ... I’m not sure. I might move to Manchester ... or I may go to Cambridge ... Sometimes I’m imagining myself moving to Munich or Rome or ...

- Well don’t call the removers until you make up your mind.

Упражнение 216 [w]

Wad, waddle, wade, wader, waffle, waft, wage, waist, wait, wake, walk, wall, wangle, wanker, war, warm, warrior, wart, wash, watch, waste, water, watercress, wave, way.

Упражнение 217 [w]

We, weak, wealthy, wear, weather, weave, wedge, Wednesday, weeds, week, weight, welcome, well, wet, what, wheat, wheel, when, where, which, while, whip, whisper.

Упражнение 218 [w]

Whistle, white, wick, wide, wild, will, willow, win, wince, wind, window, wing, wink, wipe, wire, wise, wish, wisp, wit, with, without, wobble, woman, wonder, wood, wool, word, work, world, worry, worse, worst, wow, worth, would.

Упражнение 219 [w]

Archway, awhile, award, aware, away, between, beware, bewilder, forward, freewheel, inwards, onward, patchwork, peewit, railway.

Упражнение 220 [w]

Equator, quak, quad, quadrant, quail, quaint, quake, qualify, quality, qualm, quantity, quarter, queen, queer, question, quick, quickly, quite, quilt, quit, quiver, quote.

Упражнение 221 [w]

Squad, squadron, squall, squandor, square, squash, squat, squawk, squeak, squeal, squeamish, squeeze, squid, squint, squire, squirrel, swallow, swamp, swan, swap, swarm, swat, swatch, swathe, sway, swear.

Упражнение 222 [w]

Swear, sweat, sweater, sweatshirt, sweep, sweeping, sweet, sweetmeet, swell, swelter, swerve, swift, swig, swill, swim, swimming, swing, swipe, swirl, swish, Swiss, switch, swollen, swoon, swoop, swore, swum.

Читаем диалог!

- What do you want for your birthday?

- Whatever you want to give me.

- A watch? A wallet? A wig? A wetsuit? A welcome mat? A wooly vest? Some wine?

- Whatever.

Упражнение 223 [f]

Fable, fabric, face, fact, fail, failure, faint, fair, faith, fall, false, family, fancy, fantastic, fantasy, fan, far, farm, fashion, fear, favourite, fee, federation, feeble, fence, fight, field, figure, finger, file, fill, filter.

Упражнение 224 [f]

Film, fine, fire, first, fist, fish, five, flag, flat, fleece, fling, flight, flounce, flow, flower, fluent, fluff, flush, flutter, fly, focus, fog, foil, fold, folding, follow, fond, food, foot, foolish, footprint, for.

Упражнение 225 [f]

Forbear, foreign, foremast, fork, form, forth, found, foul, four, fraction, fourth, fragment, frail, frame, freckle, free, freezer, freight, French, friction, fridge, frog, front, frost, fruit, fry, full, fume, further, fuzz.

Five French fries for Vivienne from France.

Упражнение 226 [f]

Afraid, after, afield, aftermath, backfire, baffle, beef, biff, bluff, buffalo, cafe, coffee, chief, confidence, comfort, confession, daffodil, defect, differ, disbelief, effect, effigy, enforce, enfold, gaffe, grafter, half, haft, hefty, helpful, huff.

Упражнение 227 [f]

If, inform, inflection, life, loaf, mafia, muffin, of, off, office, officer, often, piffle, prefer, preference, professor, profit, profile, prolific, raffle, raft, reflect, rifle, roof, safe, scaffold, seafood, self, selfish, soft, souffle.

Упражнение 228 [f]

Staff, steadfast, stiff, stiffen, stifle, stuff, stultify, suffer, suffering, suffice, sufficient, suffix, suffocate, surface, swift, taffy, thief, thrift, tiff, toffee, traffic, trifle, waffle, waft, wife, woeful, wolf.

Упражнение 229 [f]

Phalanx, phantom, pharmacist, pharmacology, pharmacy, pharynx, phase, phenomenon, philanthropy, philologist, philology, philosopher, philosophy, phlegmatic, phone, phonetic, phonology, photo, photocopy, photograph.

Phil is a firefighter but he takes photos in his free time!

Упражнение 230 [f]

Photographer, photography, phrasal, phrase, phrasebook, phraseology, physics, physician, physical, physically, physicist, physio, physiognomy.

Упражнение 231 [f]

Alphabet, aphorism, aphoristic, asphalt, cipher, emphasize, emphasis, emphatic, hyphen, metaphorical, periphery, telephone, seismograph, pantograph, semaphore, seraph, siphon, sophism, sophisticated, sophistry, sophomore, typhoon.

Упражнение 232 [f]

Cough, draught, draughts, enough, laugh, lauphable, laughing, laughter, rough, slough, sough, tough.

Читаем диалог!

- I’m off, Ms Fox.

- It’s only four. We finish at five, Mr Foot.

- I’ve had enough of this office for one day. Too much hiring and firing. I’m off.

- Well, just put those files on the floor, Mr Foot. Drive carefully. And don’t forget the flowers for your wife.

Упражнение 233 [v]

Vacant, vacation, vaccine, vacuum, vagabond, vagrant, vague, valentine, valet, valid, value, valve, van, vanish, vanity, vapour, various, varnish, vase, vassal, vault, vaunt, vector, vegetable, vehicle, veil, velocity.

Упражнение 234 [v]

Velvet, venerable, vengeful, vent, ventilate, venture, Venus, verb, verbal, verdict, verdure, verge, vernacular, verse, version, vertical, very, victory, video, view, villain, village, vintage, violent, violin, virgin, Virgo, vitue.

Упражнение 235 [v]

Virus, visa, viscount, viscous, visibility, vision, visit, visitant, visitor, vital, vitamin, vivid, vocal, vogue, voice, voiceless, void, volatile, volcano, volition, volley, volleyball, volt, volume, volunteer, vote, vouch, voucher, voyage, voyager, vulgar, vulture.

Упражнение 236 [v]

Avail, avocado, avoid, avoidance, beverage, bivalve, brave, bravo, cave, cavalier, cavalry, clove, conceive, convent, develop, diverse, dive, even, evening, favourite, give, gave, grove, have, heaven, hover.

Упражнение 237 [v]

Invalid, involve, invite, invent, ivy, jive, love, live, level, liver, move, novelty, nerve, never, obvious, over, pavement, quiver, recover, revision, rover, save, serve, slave, souvenir, stave, trivial, universe, wave.

Читаем диалог!

- Have you ever been to Venice?

- No, never. But I’ve heard you’ve just come back from Venice, haven’t you?

- Best holidays I’ve ever had. The food was fabulous.

- Did you buy anything in Venice?

- Yes - this vest.

- Ah ... yes. A berry-coloured Venetian vest! ... Very fashionable!

Упражнение 238 [θ]

Thank, thankful, thankless, thanks, thanksgiving, thatch, thaw, theatre, theatrical, theft, theism, theme, theocratic, theology, theorem, theoretical, theory, theosophy, therapy, therm, thermal, thermometer, thermoplastic, thermos.

Упражнение 239 [θ]

Thesaurus, thesis, thick, thicken, thicket, thickness, thief, thieve, thieving, thievish, thigh, thimble, thin, thing, think, thinkable, thinking, third, thirst, thirsty, thirteen, thirty, thistle, thistledown, thole, thong, thorax, thorn, thorny, thorough, thoroughbred, thoroughfare.

Упражнение 240 [θ]

Thought, thoughtful, thoughtless, thousand, thrall, thrash, thread, threat, three, thresh, thrice, thrift, thrifty, thrill, throat, throb, throne, throng, throttle, through, throw, thrum, thrust, thumb, thump, thunder, thunderstruck, Thursday, thus.

His fifth birthday in on Thursday the thirty-first!

Упражнение 241 [θ]

Atheist, athlete, athletic, author, authority, bath, both, breath, catharsis, cathedral, catholic, death, earth, earthquake, enthusiasm, ethyl, ethical, ethics, ethnic, ethnology, faith, fathom, fathomless, forth, forthcoming, forthright.

Упражнение 242 [θ]

Hearth, heath, length, lengthen, lithium, lithograph, lithographic, lithography, maths, method, methodology, methyl, moth, mouth, myth, mythology, nothing, orthodontic, orthodox, orthography, pantheon, path, pathetic, pathology, pathos.

Упражнение 243 [θ]

Rethink, sheath, smith, soothsayer, south, stealth, stealthy, strength, tubthumper, truth, unfaithful, unfathomed, unearthly, width, worth, worthless, worthwhile, wreath, wrath.

Читаем диалог!

- What did you think of the new theatre?

- I thought it would have been better. It cost thousands to rebuild. But I thought it was nothing special. What did you think?

- I thought it was really something!

Упражнение 244 [δ]

Than, that, the, thee, their, them, themselves, then, thence, there, thereabouts, thereafter, thereby, therefore, therein, thereinafter, thereof, thereon, thereto, thereunder, thereupon, these, they, this, thither, those, though, thus.

Упражнение 245 [δ]

Although, altogether, another, bother, brother, breathe, dither, dithers, either, farther, father, feather, featherbed, featherbrained, featherweight, feathery, further, furtherance, furthermore, furthermost, furthest, gather, gatherny.

That thistle there has got thousands of thorns!

Упражнение 246 [δ]

Heathen, heather, leather, mother, neither, rather, scathing, sheathe, scythe, smithereens, smooth, soothe, southerly, southern, swathe, together, with, whither, without, wither, withering, withhold, withy, writhe.

Читаем диалог!

- Did these people talk about their neighbours?

- Well, yes they talked a bit ... er ... about ... this and that.

- That’s what I hate about those people. They’re there at their windows just watching everybody in the street, and then they gossip about it for the next week.

- Everybody talks about other people. I mean here you are talking about them!

Упражнение 247 [s]

Sable, sack, sad, saddle, safe, safety, saga, sail, sake, sale, salt, same, sandal, sandstorm, sanitary, sauce, savage, say, scale, scarf, scarlet, scene, scent, school, science, score, scratch, scramble, scrawl, scream.

Упражнение 248 [s]

Scrub, sculpture, sea, second, secret, secure, sector, section, seduce, seduction, see, seer, self, selection, send, sense, sentry, serve, September, set, severe, side, sight, sign, silence, signal, silk, silver, simple, sin, since, sing, single.

Упражнение 249 [s]

Sink, sir, sister, sit, size, skate, ski, skin, skirt, slate, slaughter, slave, sledge, sleepless, slight, sling, slot, slouch, slow, smack, smash, smocking, snap, sneak, snow, so, sob, social, soft, solemn, some, sometimes.

Упражнение 250 [s]

Songbird, sorrow, sorry, sort, south, sparkler, speak, spear, speech, sphere, spine, spirit, splay, split, sport, sponge, spot, spout, squad, stalls, standard, state, steam, sting, stock, stone, storage, storm, stretch, string, strong, subject, submit, sugar, Sunday, sweet, system.

Упражнение 251 [s]

Also, asset, backspace, backstage, basically, basket, bedspread, besides, best, blessing, booster, bursary, cosmos, corkscrew, digress, dispose, diverse, downstage, ensnare, ensue, espresso, eyepiece, fantasy, first, foist.

Упражнение 252 [s]

Focus, frost, gas, grits, horse, house, interest, lens, links, mansard, mousse, mousy, mystic, obsolete, outmost, oversee, oyster, parson, pass, past, person, predecease, press, question, rascal, recourse, response, rustic.

Упражнение 253 [s]

Tempest, tennis, tense, test, tireless, topmast, transport, upstage, vascular, vest, virus, west, whisper, whist, worse, yes, yesterday, yonks, yourself.

Упражнение 254 [s]

Descend, fascinate, fascination, muscle, scenario, scenarist, scene, scenery, scenic, scent, sceptic, sceptical, sceptre, sciatic, science, scientific, scientist, scissor, Scylla, scythe.

Упражнение 255 [s]

Apostle, bristle, bustle, castle, chasten, christen, epistle, fasten, hostle, hustle, glisten, gristle, jostle, listen, mistletoe, ostler, pestle, rustle, thistle, trestle, whistle, wrestle.

Упражнение 256 [s]

Cease, cedar, ceiling, celebrate, cell, censor, cent, centre, central, ceremony, certain, cession, cicada, cigar, cinder, cinema, circle, circuit, circulate, circus, cite, citron, city, civile, cycle, cyclone, cylinder, cymbal, cynic, cyst, cytology.

Упражнение 257 [s]

Advice, appearance, bodice, choice, conceive, codpiece, confidence, conscience, conveyance, council, device, difference, domicile, entice, epicentre, face, facility, fleece, fence, fencing, flounce, hence, ice, icicle, imprudence.

Упражнение 258 [s]

Juice, lace, lacy, lice, licence, mace, malice, medicine, narcissus, nice, pace, perceive, police, precede, principle, produce, race, reduce, since, sluice, social, suffice, surface, tacit, voice.

Упражнение 259 [s]

Abyss, access, accessory, aggressive, aggressor, basset, bless, blossom, brass, cassette, cessation, class, classical, compass, cross, discuss, dissolve, doss, dress, emboss, gossip, guess, gross, hassle, kiss, kissing, miss, narcissus, pass, passable, passport, press, pressing, remiss, suppress, suppressive, toss, tossing, vessel.

Упражнение 260 [s]

Psalter, pseudonym, psittacosis, psoriasis, psyche, psychedelic, psychiatric, psychiatrist, psychiatry, psychic, psychoanalysis, psychokinesis, psychological, psychologist, psychology, psychopath, psychosomatic, psychotherapy, psychotic.

Читаем диалог!

- Stop screaming! What’s upsetting you?

- My sister. She takes my books out of my desk and puts them somewhere else.

- Just tell her to stop it.

- Yes, of course, that’s the answer ... but it’s not so simple. She makes me so cross! Could you speak to her?

Упражнение 261 [z]

Zeal, zebra, zenith, zephyr, zero, zinc, zip, zipper, zodiak, zombie, zone, zoo, zoologist, zoology, zoom, zucchini.

Упражнение 262 [z]

Amaze, amazement, antifreeze, authorize, azimuth, bazaar, bazooka, blaze, blazer, blizzard, brazen, breeze, buzz, buzzer, chimpanzee, cozy, crazy, daze, dazzle, drizzle, fizz, fizzle, freeze, frizz, frizzle, frizzy, gauze, gaze, gazelle.

Упражнение 263 [z]

Gazette, gasetteer, glaze, glazing, graze, grizzle, haze, hazel, idolize, jazz, laze, lazy, maze, mizzle, muzzle, muzzy, nozzle, nuzzle, puzzle, puzzler, raze, razor, razzle, size, sizable, sizzle, sizzler, snazzy, tizzy, tweezers, undersized, urbanize, vizier, wizard.

Zak wants some Mozzarella cheese on bis pizza!

Упражнение 264 [z]

Amuse, amusement, arms, as, capitalism, charisma, clumsy, closet, confuse, cause, cousin, cruise, cruiser, disease, easy, easel, enterprise, feasible, grisly, laser, lousy, lose, means, noise, nose, ombudsman, phrase, phrasebook, phraseology, physics.

Упражнение 265 [z]

Please, poison, pose, position, propose, proposition, quasar, queasy, raise, reserve, resolve, resort, rise, resist, resound, result, rose, rosin, rosette, sometimes, spasm, spasmodic, surmise, tease, teasel, trousers, visible, visa, vase, visit, weasel.

Читаем диалог!

- It looks so easy, doesn’t it?

- It does. But it isn’t.

- Look at those eyes. They’re like ice.

- He always draws the bodies so well, doesn’t he? Look at the arms ... the legs ... those hands.

- He’s such an amazing artist.

- One of these days ... I’m going to buy one of his paintings.

Упражнение 266 [t]

Tab, table, tablet, tacit, tag, take, tail, tall, talk, tame, tart, tea, technical, telegram, tell, temper, tempt, ten, tennis, tepid, tender, tick, tidy, tie, tiger, tile, till, time, tinkle, tire, to, toilet, tomb.

Упражнение 267 [t]

Tomboy, tomorrow, ton, tone, tongue, tonight, too, tooth, top, torch, torment, torso, toss, touch, tour, tourist, towel, trade, town, traffic, trailer, tram, trash, travel, treasure, treat, tremble, trick, true, try.

Упражнение 268 [t]

Tug, tumble, tuna, tune, turf, turn, tusk, twelve, twenty, twice, twiddle, twig, twin, twine, twist, twitter, two, type, typeface, typhoon, typical, typist, typography, tyranny, tyre.

Упражнение 269 [t]

Ability, abreast, abstract, accredit, act, active, adept, adrift, affront, aircraft, amateur, amusement, antic, appetite, bandit, basketball, batter, bite, bitter, booster, butter, bright, button.

Упражнение 270 [t]

Capital, cartoon, caustic, certify, chapter, clatter, contribute, counter, cut, delight, empty, entertain, fate, fighter, fluent, footnote, gate, girt, grit, heart, heartbreaking, height, importance, incite, insult, interest.

Упражнение 271 [t]

Jitters, just, knight, late, little, majority, malefactor, matrix, meditate, multiple, neutron, nocturn, note, out, outgoing, palate, petition, petrify, planet, poetic, positive, quit, quite, rate, reptile, saulty, security, stand, sting, study, system, unsert, vault, vintage, waiter.

Упражнение 272 [t]

Debt, debtor, doubt, doubtful, doubting, doubtless, redoubt, subtle.

Читаем диалог!

- Excuse me. Could you tell me the time, please?

- Yes. It’s exactly twenty minutes to ten.

- Thank you.

Упражнение 273 [d]

Daddy, daffodil, dagger, daft, dame, damp, dark, dead, debt, decide, deck, decline, defect, default, definition, demand, denim, dent, deny, depend, dependence, despair, develop, device, dial, dialogue, differ, dig.

Упражнение 274 [d]

Direct, director, disclaim, displease, display, distant, distinct, divide, do, dog, dogmatic, dour, doubt, double, down, doze, draw, dream, dress, drift, drive, drummer, dull, duke, dump, duty, dwell, dynasty.

Упражнение 275 [d]

Abode, abide, amid, ascend, aside, audible, avid, bad, bandit, bed, bedspread, bend, bird, bleed, blood, cad, card, cicada, cloud, cod, code, cold, corrode, corridor, could, credence, cylinder.

Упражнение 276 [d]

End, endless, fade, find, flood, fold, food, found, foundation, Friday, garden, guard, had, hard, head, idea, insipid, inward, kid, kidnap, lad, lady, ladder, lead, load, mad, mind, mode, need, needle, nod.

Упражнение 277 [d]

Old, pad, padlock, panda, pardon, pod, placard, pond, quad, quadrant, rade, raid, ready, road, render, reserved, respond, rigid, rode, round, rude, sad, saddle, said, sand, seafood, send, shade, shadow.

Упражнение 278 [d]

Sherd, shield, should, showed, shudder, side, skid, skilled, sled, slide, sorehead, southward, speed, stand, sword, toad, toward, trend, torpid, trade, undid, valid, vaulted, wade, word, weed, wood, yard.

Читаем диалог!

- Do you want to go out to a restaurant for dinner tonight?

- No. It’s too cold and dark. And I’m too tired. I’d rather stay at home and read a good book.

Упражнение 279 [n]

Nag, nail, name, nap, nape, napkin, narrow, nasty, nation, nature, navigate, nay, near, neat, neck, need, needle, needlework, negative, neglect, neigh, neither, nerve, nervous, net, nettle, network, neutral, never.

Упражнение 280 [n]

New, news, next, nibble, nice, nick, nickname, night, nine, nippers, nipple, no, nob, noble, nobody, nod, node, noise, nominal, none, noodle, norm, north, nose, nostril, note.

Упражнение 281 [n]

Nothing, notice, noun, nourish, now, nowhere, nuclear, nude, nugget, nuisance, numb, number, numerous, nurse, nursery, nut, nutshell, nuzzle, nylon, nymph.

Упражнение 282 [n]

Agnostic, agrument, and, anarchy, analogy, antigen, arsenic, attend, attentive, ban, banana, batten, blacken, been, bean, blind, blown, bone, born, broken, bromine, burn, bygone, button.

Упражнение 283 [n]

Can, cannon, canton, careen, cane, champion, chicken, chin, chimney, chronicle, chutney, clinch, clan, clean, clinic, clown, coin, colon, cone, confine, crane, dawn, dean, down, deepen, den, earn, entertain, fan, fashion.

Упражнение 284 [n]

Finish, fine, flagon, flown, forbidden, fun, gun, hyphen, in, kin, lane, learn, line, loner, lunar, man, mane, mistaken, moderation, mourn, on, open, pan, pane, pardon, parkin, parson, pawn, pen, petition, pine, pin, plane, plan.

Упражнение 285 [n]

Poison, prison, protein, pun, queen, ran, rain, redone, remain, reopen, respond, run, sane, sawn, scone, scan, season, seen, shaken, shin, sin, siren, soon, spin, stamen, stallion, stone, talon, tan, tartan, tin, ton, tone.

Упражнение 286 [n]

Thin, tine, twin, unclean, underdone, uneven, union, upon, urn, van, vain, vane, vein, vermin, villain, vine, wane, watchman, wean, when, win, won, yarn, yearn, zone.

Упражнение 287 [n]

Pneumatic, pneumoconiosis, pneumonia.

Упражнение 288 [n]

Align, arraign, assign, assignment, benign, campaign, chignon, champagne, cognac, condign, consign, consignment, deign, design, designer, ensign, feign, foreign, gnat, gnarled, gnash, gnaw, gneiss, gnome, gnee.

Упражнение 289 [n]

Inpugn, inpugnable, lasagna, lorgnette, malign, mignonette, poignancy, poignant, realign, realignment, reign, resign, resigned, sign, vignette.

Упражнение 290 [n]

Knack, knacker, knave, knead, knee, kneel, knell, knickerbockers, knickers, knife, knives, knight, knit, knob, knock, knocker, knot, know, knowingly, knowledge, knuckle.

Читаем диалог!

- Hello ... Oh! No, never ... Nothing ... No. Nobody ... No, we didn’t. I’m not interested ... No, definitely not. No, I didn’t phone you ... No, I did not send you an email. No. Not in the least ... Can’t you take no for an answer? ... No, I don’t want to make a donation to anything, I haven’t any money. And please don’t phone me again.

Упражнение 291 [l]

Lab, label, labour, lace, lack, ladder, ladle, lady, lagoon, lake, lamb, lame, lamp, lamppost, land, landing, landlord, language, lap, lapdog, large, lark, lash, last, lasting, late, lath, Latin, latitude, latter.

Упражнение 292 [l]

Lattice, laugh, laughable, laughter, launch, laundry, lava, lavatory, lavender, law, lawyer, lay, layer, lazy, lead, leadership, leaf, league, leak, lean, learn, lease, leave, lecture, lee, leech, left, leg, legal, legend, lemon.

Упражнение 293 [l]

Lend, less, lesson, let, letter, level, liberal, library, licence, lick, lie, life, lift, light, like, limb, lime, limit, limp, line, linen, liner, link, lion, lip, liquid, listen, lit, literature, little, live, load, loaf.

Упражнение 294 [l]

Lobby, lobster, local, lock, locomotive, lodge, log, loll, long, look, loom, loose, loosen, lord, lorry, lose, lot, lottery, louse, love, low, loyalty, luck, luggage, lumber, lump, lunar, lure, lurk, lust, luxury, lynch, lynx, lyre.

Упражнение 295 [l]

All, alert, alley, angle, appeal, available, babble, ball, beagle, bewail, bless, blood, blow, braille, bungalow, calamity, call, capable, cold, causal, chapel, class, clear, clinic, clown, dale, darling, dial, doll, dull, dorsal.

Упражнение 296 [l]

Eagle, elder, elective, evil, example, excel, fable, fail, fall, final, foul, flotilla, floral, fool, gel, girl, glare, grail, gristle, hall, heal, hill, ideal, impale, implore, jolly, kill, male, marshal, meal, middle, minimal.

Упражнение 297 [l]

Miracle, mule, nail, nocturnal, novel, null, nuzzle, official, overall, pale, palatal, parallel, pearl, pencil, personal, phrasal, plant, poll, practical, principle, profile, quail, rail, real, roll, rumple, sail, sell.

Упражнение 298 [l]

Scale, school, seal, shell, shovel, sizzle, small, social, squall, stable, sterile, steal, steel, stole, tail, till, tall, trail, uncle, universal, vale, veil, visceral, whale, wheel, well, wool, yell, zeal.

Читаем диалог!

- Do you like marshmallows?

- Yes, they’re lovely. But I also like lollipops. How about you?

- I like lollipops too. But what I really like is chocolate and vanilla ice cream.

! В конце слов r не произносится.

Упражнение 299 [r]

Rabbit, race, racer, rack, radial, radiant, radiation, radiator, radio, radish, raffle, raft, rag, rage, raid, rail, railway, rain, rainbow, raise, rake, rally, ramble, rampant, random, range, rank, ransom, rapid, rare, rash, raspberry, rat, rate, rather, rational.

Упражнение 300 [r]

Rattle, ravage, raver, ravish, raw, raze, razor, raz- zle, reach, react, reaction, read, reader, ready, real, reality, realize, ream, rear, reason, rebuild, recall, receipt, receive, receiver, recently, reception, recite, reclaim, recognition, recognize, recoil.

Упражнение 301 [r]

Recollect, recommend, reconstruct, record, recover, recovery, rectify, rector, recur, red, reduce, reed, reef, reek, reel, reference, refer, refined, refinement, reflect, reflex, reform, reformation, refrain, refreshments, refund, refuse, regard, regarding, region.

Упражнение 302 [r]

Regret, regular, regulate, rehearse, reindeer, reinforce, reject, rejoice, rejoin, relate, relation, relative, relax, relay, release, relic, relief, relieve, religion, relish, reluctant, rely, remain, remark, remedy, remember, remind, remit, remote, removal.

Упражнение 303 [r]

Render, renew, rent, repair, repayment, repeat, repent, reply, report, represent, reprint, reproach, reproducer, reproof, reptile, republic, repulsive, reputation, request, rescue, rescuer, research, reseacher, reserve, reset, resettle.

Упражнение 304 [r]

Residence, resident, resign, resist, resistance, resolution, resolve, resort, resound, resource, respect, respond, response, responsibility, rest, restless, restore, restorer, restriction, result, retail, retain, retire, retort, retreat, retrieve, retriever.

Упражнение 305 [r]

Return, reveal, revenge, reverence, review, revive, revoke, revolt, revolution, revolve, revolver, reward, rib, rice, rich, riddle, ride, rider, ridicule, ridiculous, riding, rifle, rift, rig, right, rightful, rigid, rigorous, rim, rind, ring.

Упражнение 306 [r]

Ripe, rise, risk, river, road, roam, roar, roast, rob, robber, robe, robot, rock, rocket, rod, roll, roller, romance, roof, roofless, rook, room, root, rope, rose, rot, rotation, rotor, rough, roulette, round, rouse, rout, rover, row, royal, royalty, rubber, rucksack.

Упражнение 307 [r]

Rudder, rude, rug, rugby, ruins, rule, ruler, ruling, rum, rumba, rumble, ruminant, rummage, rumple, run, runner, rupture, rush, rust, rustic, rusticate, rustle, rustproof, ruthless, rye.

Упражнение 308 [r]

Abridge, abroad, afforest, aircraft, around, approach, arable, bread, brother, break, brown, cream, crash, crawl, credence, crop, direct, dream, drop, drummer, endearing, encourage, erase, frank, free, friend, frog.

Упражнение 309 [r]

Grain, grass, green, grit, group, grog, groin, hearer, hoary, indirect, indifferent, introduce, jury, laboratory, library, librarian, madrigal, majority, meridian, moderate, neutral, nourish, nutriment, operate, orator, origin, overall.

Читаем диалог!

- Would you like to come rowing with me and Caroline on Friday?

- Yes, but I’m terribly busy writing, Rachel ...

- Oh come on, Blake, take a break! You need to relax. Remember the last time we went rowing. ‘Row, row, row your boat gently down the stream. Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, life is but a dream.’

- Oh, all right. ‘Row, row, row your ...’

Упражнение 310 [r]

Pray, precise, preface, prep, presence, pretext, prim, probe, process, profit, sprain, sprawl, spread, spring, spruce, trade, tramline, trapper, trash, travel, tree, tremble, trick, trite, true, try, unrip, unruly, vicarious, wrecker, wring, wrinkle, write, wrong.

Упражнение 311 [r]

Cirrhosis, rhapsody, rheostat, rhesus, rhetoric, rhetorical, rheumatic, rheumatism, rhinestone, rhinoceros, rhizome, rhododendron, rhomboid, rhombus, rhubarb, rhyme, rhythm, rhythmic.

Упражнение 312 [∫]

Shabby, shack, shackle, shad, shade, shadow, shadowy, shady, shaft, shag, shaggy, shake, shaker, shaky, shall, shallop, shallot, shallow, sham, shamble, shame, shameful, shammy, shampoo, shamrock, shandy, shank, shan’t.

Упражнение 313 [∫]

Shanty, shape, shapely, share, shark, sharp, sharpen, sharper, shatter, shave, shaving, shawl, she, shear, sheath, sheathe, shed, sheen, sheep, sheepskin, sheer, sheet, shelf, shell, shellac, shellfish, shelter, shelve, shepherd.

Упражнение 314 [∫]

Sherd, sherry, shield, shift, shiftless, shifty, shilling, shimmer, shin, shinbone, shine, shingle, ship, shipment, shipyard, shirk, shirt, shirtsleeve, shiver, shoal, shock, shocker, shocking, shoe, shoelace, shoemaker, shoot, shooting, shop, shopkeeper.

Упражнение 315 [∫]

Shopping, shore, short, shortage, shortly, shot, should, shoulder, shout, shove, shovel, show, shower, showery, shrapnel, shrew, shrick, shrike, shrill, shrimp, shrine, shrink, shrive, shroud, shrub, shrug, shuffle, shut, shy.

Упражнение 316 [∫]

Anguish, ash, ashamed, bashful, blemish, blush, brush, cash, cashier, cashmere, crash, crush, dash, dashboard, dish, elfish, fashion, fish, flash, flush, fresh, geisha, hash, hush, josh, lash, leash, lush, marsh, marshal, mesh, mush, mushroom.

Упражнение 317 [∫]

Nosh, plush, posh, radish, rash, relish, rush, sash, squash, swashbuckler, sweetish, trash, trashcan, uncrushable, wash, washable, washboard, whoosh, wish, wishful.

She was in the shoe shop at six o'clock on Saturday!

Упражнение 318 [∫]

Chaconne, chagrin, chalet, chamois, champagne, champaign, chandelier, chanterelle, chaperon, charabanc, charade, charlatan, charlotte, chartreuse, chassis, chateau, chauffeur, chauvinism, chauvinist, chef, chemise, chenille, chevalier, chevron, chic, chicanery, chiffon, chiffonier, chignon, chivalrous, chivalry, chute, gouache, machine, machinery, nonchalance, nonchalant, crochet, ricochet, sachet, trenchant, trencher, trencherman, truncheon, touche.

! Буквосочетание -tion читается [∫n].

Упражнение 319 [∫]

Abolition, accusation, acquisition, action, addition, admiration, adoption, adoration, affection, annotation, assumption, attention, auction, aviation, benediction, calculation, capitulation, caption, cessation, circulation, civilization, collection, collocation, combination, compilation, composition.

Упражнение 320 [∫]

Conception, condition, connection, consideration, constellation, construction, consultation, contention, contraction, contribution, convection, convention, conversation, conviction, cooperation, coronation, corporation, correction, corruption.

Упражнение 321 [∫]

Culmination, cultivation, declaration, delegation, deletion, demonstration, denomination, deposition, description, desperation, destination, destruction, detonation, dilution, direction, dislocation, distinction, documentation, edition, education.

Упражнение 322 [∫]

Election, elevation, emotion, emotional, estimation, examination, exhibition, expectation, expedition, exultation, fabrication, faction, fascination, federation, fiction, foundation, function, generation, habitation, hesitation, illustration, imagination.

Упражнение 323 [∫]

Inclination, indication, infection, information, initiation, inquisition, inspection, intention, intonation, intuition, invention, invitation, isolation, lactation, liberation, limitation, liquidation, manifestation, meditation.

Упражнение 324 [∫]

Mention, migration, motion, motivation, nomination, notion, objection, occupation, operation, opposition, option, optional, participation, penetration, perfection, perforation, petition, portion, position, prediction, preposition, presentation.

Упражнение 325 [∫]

Prolongation, proposition, pulsation, quotation, radiation, reception, relation, repetition, resolution, revelation, revolution, salvation, satisfaction, seduction, selection, sensation, separation, station, superstition, temptation, vacation, vaccination, vegetation, visitation, vocation, volition.

! Буквосочетания -sion, -ssion, -cianчитаются [∫n].

Упражнение 326 [∫]

Apprehension, ascension, aversion, compulsion, comprehension, conversion, convulsion, declension, diversion, emulsion, excursion, expansion, expulsion, immersion, impulsion, incursion, mansion, pension, pensioner, perversion, pretension, propulsion, retroversion, revulsion, scansion, torsion, version.

Упражнение 327 [∫]

Accession, aggression, commission, commissioner, compassion, compression, compression, concession, concussion, confession, depression, digression, discussion, emission, expression, impression, intercession, passion, percussion, permission, possession, precession, profession, progression, recession, repression, session, submission, succession, suppression.

Упражнение 328 [∫]

Arithmetician, beautician, cosmetician, electrician, logician, optician, phonetician, patrician, Phoenician, phonetician, physician, rhetotician, statistician, techician.

! Буквосочетания -tious, -ciousчитаются [∫əs], буквосочетания -tial, -cial - [∫əl].

Упражнение 329 [∫]

Conscientious, disputatious, facetious, factious, factitious, fictitious, flirtatious, fractious, incautious, infectious, pretentious, repetitious, sententious, superstitious, tendentious.

Упражнение 330 [∫]

Atrocious, audacious, auspicious, capricious, conscious, delicious, efficacious, ferocious, gracious, judicious, officious, pernicious, pertinacious, precious, rapacious, subconscious, suspicious, tenacious, unconscious, vicious, vivacious.

Упражнение 331 [∫]

Commercial, efficient, efficiency, essential, existential, facial, financial, inertia, impatient, inferential, influential, initial, initiative, insubstantial, official, prudential, reverential, sentient, spatial, superficial.

Упражнение 332 [∫]

Assure, assurance, commensurable, commensurate, sugar, sugarcane, sugarloaf, sure, surefire, surefooted, surely, surety, insure, insurance, insured, insurer.

Читаем диалог!

- She shouldn’t be wearing such a shabby skirt at work, should she?

- She certainly shouldn’t.

- I do wish she wouldn’t.

- Shall I tell her?

- Mm ... er ... I’m not sure if you should.

Упражнение 333

Beige, camouflage, conge, corsage, cortege, collage, dressage, espionage, fuselage, garage, gendarme, genre, gigolo, lingerie, massage, melange, menage, mirage, persiflage, prestige, protege, regime, sabotage.

! Суффикс -sionчитается -sure, -zure-

Упражнение 334

Abrasion, allusion, collision, collusion, concision, conclusion, confusion, contusion, decision, delusion, dimension, disillusion, dissension, division, effusion, erosion, exclusion, explosion, illusion, implosion, incision, inclusion, infusion, intrusion, occasion, persuasion, prevision, profusion, provision, vision.

Читаем диалог!

- Dad, what rhymes with explosion?

- Erosion.

- What about conclusion?

- Confusion.

- And television?

- Decision ... revision ... precision ...

- Stop, Dad! That’s enough! Thank you.

- My pleasure. Any time.

Упражнение 335

Closure, composure, countermeasure, displeasure, disclosure, embrasure, enclosure, erasure, exposure, foreclosure, leisure, leisured, leisurely, measurable, measure, measurement, pleasure, treasure, treasurer, treasury, seizure.

Упражнение 336 [t∫]

Chafe, chaff, chaffinch, chain, chair, chairman, chaise, chalice, chalk, challenge, chamber, champ, champion, chance, chancellor, change, channel, chant, chap, chapel, chapter, charcoal, charge, charitable, charity, charm, charmer, charter.

Упражнение 337 [t∫]

Chase, chaste, chat, cheap, cheat, check, checkmate, cheek, cheer, cheerful, cheerless, cheese, cheesecake, cheque, cherish, cherry, chess, chest, chestnut, chew, chicken, chicory, chief, chiefly, child, childhood, children, chill, chiller, chime, chimney, chin, china.

Упражнение 338 [t∫]

Chip, chirp, chit, chive, chock, chocolate, choice, choke, choose, chosen, chop, chopstick, chore, chub, chuck, chuckle, chug, chum, chummy, chump, chunk, chunky, church, churchyard, churl, churlish, churn, chutney.

Упражнение 339 [t∫]

Achieve, achievement, bachelor, beach, birch, branch, breech, brunch, bunch, cinch, clinch, coach, detachment, duchess, French, inch, launch, linchpin, perch, punch, reach, screech, smirch, squelch, such, touch, teach, teacher, torch, trench, wench, which.

Упражнение 340 [t∫]

Batch, bitch, blotch, botch, butcher, catch, crotch, crotchet, clutch, crutch, ditch, Dutch, etch, fetch, hatch, hitch, hotch, hutch, itch, kitchen, latch, match, notch, patch, pitch, satchel, scratch, snatch, stitch, stretch, switch, vetch, watch, wretch.

Some fish and chips on the child's dish!

! Буквосочетание -ture читается [t∫ə].

Упражнение 341 [t∫]

Architecture, adventure, conjuncture, creature, culture, debenture, denture, departure, expenditure, feature, featureless, fixture, floriculture, fracture, future, imposture, indenture, gesture, judicature, juncture, ligature, miniature, miniaturist, mixture, moisture, prefacture, primogeniture, stature, stricture, structural, structure, superstructure, texture, tincture, venture, vulture.

Упражнение 342 [t∫]

Fortune, fortunate, estuary, impetuous, importune, misfortune, natural, nature, naturalist, naturally, presumptuous, punctuate, punctuation, punctual, statutory, statue, statuesque, statute, statutory, sumptuary, unnatural.

! Буквосочетание -stion читается [st∫n].

Упражнение 343 [t∫]

Combustion, congestion, digestion, exhaustion, idigestion, question, suggestion.

Читаем диалог!

- Lovely little chapel for a church wedding, Bells ... chiming ...

- Do you think they’re a good match?

- Good question. They’re like chalk and cheese. She’s a checkout chick; he’s the chairman of a television channel. He’s rich, charming ...

- But she is the national chess champion.

- Ah! ... mm ... a perfect match, I imagine.

Упражнение 344

Gee, geezer, gel, gem, gen, gender, gene, gene- ology, general, generation, generous, genetic, genie, genius, gent, genteel, gentle, gentleman, genuine, geographer, geography, geology, geometry, geranium, German, germ, gesture, giant.

Упражнение 345

Gin, ginger, giraffe, gist, gym, gymnasium, gymnast, gymnastics, gyp, gypsy, gyrate, gyration, gyroscope.

Упражнение 346

Jab, jack, jackdaw, jackpot, jade, jail, jam, jammy, jangle, janitor, January, jar, jasper, jaundice, jaws, jazz, jealous, jeans, jeep, jell, jemmy, jerk, jersey, jet, jewel, jiggle, jigsaw, job, jog, joggle, joint, joke, jolly.

Упражнение 347

Journal, journey, joy, jubilant, judge, judgement, judo, juice, July, June, jump, junction, jungle, juniper, junk, Jupiter, juror, jury, just, justice, justification, justify, jute, juvenile, juxtapose.

Упражнение 348

Age, agency, agenda, agitation, allergy, amperage, analogy, anchorage, barge, biology, cage, change, charge, coinage, congeal, congestion, cottage, courage, digit, digest, driftage, elegy, engage, engine, enlarge, exaggerate, foliage, fragile.

Упражнение 349

Garbage, fringe, gunge, image, imagine, indulgent, legend, legislate, linkage, logic, lunge, magic, manage, marriage, merge, message, oblige, page, passage, pigeon, plunge, postage, privilege, prodigious, rage, range, register, revenge, roger, sage, salvage, savage.

Упражнение 350

Scourge, scrooge, sponge, splurge, stage, storage, stowage, strategic, surgery, surgical, tangible, tangerine, tragic, tragedy, unhinge, usage, vegetable, vengeance, vigil, vigilant, village, vintage, virgin, wage, wastage.

Упражнение 351

Badge, badger, bridge, cadge, cartridge, dodge, dredge, edge, fidget, fridge, fudge, hedge, hedgehog, knowledge, ledge, ledger, lodge, lodging, lodgment, midge, podgy, porridge, ridge, sledge, sludge, smudge, stodge, wadge, wedge.

Упражнение 352

Cajole, hadji, interjection, major, majority, majolica, majestic, majesty, marjoram, object, objection, perjury, prejudge, prejudice, subject, trajectory, turbojet.

Читаем диалог!

- Good morning. My name is Chas Jazz. I want to arrange to send an item of my luggage on to Japan.

- Just one moment, Mr Jazz ... (on phone) Hello. Could you hold on for just a moment, please?

- Just in case there’s any damage to this baggage, the Jumbojetset Company in Jamestown has ...

- I’m sorry Mr Jazz, but this is not the Jumbojetset Company. Their office is just round the corner.

Упражнение 353 [k]

Kangaroo, keel, keen, keep, keeping, kennel, kernel, key, keyboard, keyhole, kick, kid, kidney, kill, killer, kilogram, kilt, kind, kindle, kindly, kindness, king, kipper, kiss, kit, kitchen, kite, kiwi, koala, kohl, Koran.

! Не забывайте, что n перед k произносится [η].

Упражнение 354 [k]

Akin, awake, bake, bark, basket, beaker, beefsteak, berserk, bespeak, bike, bikini, bleak, blink, break, cake, chalk, choke, dark, drink, duke, fake, flake, flank, fluke, hark, hawk, hook, inkling, ink, jerk, lake, like, link, linkage, look, make, market.

Упражнение 355 [k]

Mark, mask, monk, nake, oak, pampkin, paprika, pank, pink, park, perky, plonk, plunk, poke, poker, pork, punk, rake, rank, rebuke, risk, rook, sake, shake, sink, skin, ski, skim, skimp, skip, skipper, skirt, skull, sky, slake, smirk, snake, speak, spike, spook, stake, stark, steak, stork.

Упражнение 356 [k]

Cab, cabbage, cabin, cable, cacao, cafe, cage, cake, calculate, calendar, calf, calibre, call, calm, came, camel, camera, camp, campfire, can, canary, cancel, candle, cane, canister, cannon, canteen, canvas, cap, capability, capacity.

Упражнение 357 [k]

Caparison, cape, capital, capitalist, caption, capture, carat, caravan, card, cardboard, cardinal, care, career, care, carnival, carol, carpet, carriage, carry, cartoon, cartridge, case, cash, casket, cast, casting, casual, cat, catamaran.

Can a cat catch a carrot on a carpet?

Упражнение 358 [k]

Catch, cause, caution, cavalry, claim, clap, clash, class, clear, clinic, clock, close, cloud, clown, coal, coat, coin, cold, colour, come, comfort, communicate, compliment, confidence, consume, corn, cope, copy, cottage, counter, court, cox, craft, creature, cross, crutch, curl, cut.

Упражнение 359 [k]

Stoke, strike, take, talk, tank, thank, thankful, token, trek, turkey, twinkle, tyke, unlike, unthinkable, upkeep, Viking, wake, walk, wank, weak, week, whiskers, wink, work, wrinkle, yoke, yokel, yolk.

Упражнение 360 [k]

Alacrity, Arabic, avocado, become, circle, circus, circulation, decay, declare, economist, eccentric, eclipse, edict, effect, election, encrust, fact, falcon, fantastic, fracture, garlic, icicle, inject, lecture, local, logic, macro, music, nuclear, object.

Упражнение 361 [k]

Occur, occasion, particular, peculiar, perfect, placard, placate, plutocrat, proctor, procure, projector, public, recline, recognize, recommend, recount, reflect, restrict, ridiculous, scale, score, scroll, scrub, secure, second, select, structure, stucco, syndicate, synoptic, tact, tractor, traffic, uncle, vacant, vacate, vacuum, vertical, victim, vocation, welcome.

Упражнение 362 [k]

Alack, airsick, back, barrack, bedrock, black, block, brick, check, duck, flick, frock, hack, hockey, jackpot, lack, lick, lock, mackerel, mock, mockery, neck, pack, peck, pick, pluck, pocket, prick, quack, rack, reckon, rock, sack, sick, slack, smack, smock, snick, stack, stick, sticker, stock, suck, tack, thick, tick, ticket, track, trick, unlock, wreck, wrecker.

! Буквосочетание -que на конце слова читается [k].

Упражнение 363 [k]

Antique, arabesque, baroque, basque, boutique, brusque, caique, cacique, catafalque, cheque, cirque, clique, critique, equivoque, grotesque, masque, masquerade, mosque, mystique, oblique, odalisque, opaque, physique, picaresque, picturesque, pique, piquant, plaque, risque, sculpturesque, statuesque, technique, toque, torque, unique.

Упражнение 364 [k]

Chameleon, chamomile, chaos, chaotic, character, characteristic, charisma, charismatic, chemical, chemist, chemistry, Chianti, chimera, chloride, chlorine, chloroform, chlorophyll, cholera, cholesterol, choral, chorale, chord, choreographer, choreography, chorister, chorus, Christ, christen, Christian, Christianity, Christmas, chromatic, chrome, chromium, chromosome, chronic, chronicle, chronograph, chronological, chronology, chronometer, chrysalis, chrysanthemum.

Упражнение 365 [k]

Ache, archeology, archaic, archangel, anchor, anarchic, anarchism, anarchist, anarchy, architect, architecture, bronchitis, eunuch, machination, monarch, monarchy, monarchist, school, stomach, technique, technical, technician, technology, tryptich, psychology.

Too much chocolate gives children a stomachache!

Упражнение 366 [k]

Cliquish, conquer, daiquiri, mannequin, marquee, marquetry, mosquito, palanquin, queue.

! Буквосочетание -qu- часто читается [kw].

Упражнение 367 [k]

Quack, quad, quail, quaint, quake, qualification, qualify, quality, qualm, quantity, quarrel, quarter, quash, queasy, queen, queer, quell, quest, question, quick, quiet, quill, quilt, quince, quit, quite, quiz, quorum, quotation, quote, quotient.

Упражнение 368 [k]

Colloquial, equilibrate, equip, equipment, equivalent, exquisite, liquid, liquidate, require, squabble, squad, squadron, squall, square, squash, squat, squawk, squeak, squeamish, squeeze, squelch, squib, squint, squire, squirrel, vanquish.

Упражнение 369 [k]

Acquaint, acquest, acquiesce, acquire, acquit, lacquer.

Читаем диалог!

- Can I have a couple more of your caramel cookies, please?

- Of course you can ... And some of my chocolate cake?

- No, thanks. I like cake. But I’m allergic to chocolate.

Упражнение 370 [g]

Gab, gabble, gadfly, gaffe, gag, gage, gaggle, gain, gainful, gait, gala, galaxy, gale, gall, gallant, gallery, gallon, gallop, gambit, gamble, game, gang, gangster, gap, gape, garden, gargle, garlic, garnish, garrison, garter, gas, gasp, gate.

Упражнение 371 [g]

Gather, gaze, gear, geld, get, gibbon, giddy, gift, gifted, gig, giggle, gild, gildid, gilding, gilt, gimlet, gimmik, gird, girder, girdle, girl, girlish, girt, girth, give, gizzard, glace, glacial, glad, gladden, gladiator, gladly, glamour, glance.

Упражнение 372 [g]

Glare, glass, glasses, glaze, gleam, glean, glee, glib, glide, glider, glimmer, glimpse, glisten, glitter, gloat, global, globe, gloom, glorify, glitter, gloat, global, globe, gloom, glorify, glory, gloss, glove, glow, glue, glut, go, goal, goat, goblet, goggles, gold, golden, golf, good, goods, goose, gospel, gossip.

Упражнение 373 [g]

Gout, govern, government, gown, grab, grace, gradation, grade, graft, Grail, grain, grammar, grant, grapes, grasp, grass, grasshopper, grate, grateful, grave, gravity, graze, grease, great, greedy, green, greet, greeting, grey, grief, grivance.

Упражнение 374 [g]

Grill, grille, grimace, grind, grip, grit, grizzle, groan, groom, groove, ground, group, grove, grow, growth, gruesome, grumble, gulf, gull, gulp, gum, gun, gunner, gurgle, gush, gust, gusto, gut, gutter, guzzle.

Упражнение 375 [g]

Baguette, guarantee, guaranto, guard, guardhouse, guardian, guerilla, guess, guest, guestroom, guidance, guide, guild, guile, guilt, guilti, guinea, guise, guitar, marguerite, outguess, Portuguese.

Упражнение 376 [g]

Gharry, ghat, ghee, gherkin, ghetto, ghost, ghostly, ghoul, aghast.

! Помните, что звонкие согласные на конце слова произносятся звонко.

Упражнение 377 [g]

Aggressor, ago, agree, agreement, aground, altogether, angle, angry, bag, bagatelle, baggage, beg, beget, beggar, begin, beginning, bog, brigade, bug, bugger, bungle, centigrade, clog, cloggy, cognate, dagger, degree, delegate, designate, dig, digger.

Упражнение 378 [g]

Disgrace, dog, dragonfly, dug, eager, eagle, enigma, evergreen, fag, fig, flag, finger, fog, forget, hag, haggard, hog, hug, hunger, hungry, ignition, ignorant, jag, jug, lagoon, leg, legacy, legal, leggings, linger, litigate, maggot, megalith, migrate.

Carol's going to come to girl's Camp!

Упражнение 379 [g]

Navigation, negative, organ, organism, peg, pig, pigment, polygon, popgun, rag, raglan, ragout, ragtime, regain, regard, regret, regulate, rig, rug, sag, saga, seagull, segregate, shingle, signal, signify, single, slug, sluggish, smog, snuggle, soggy.

Упражнение 380 [g]

Stagnate, sugar, tag, tangle, tango, target, tarragon, teargas, telegram, together, toggle, tollgate, transgress, trigger, tug, tugboat, ugly, undergo, underground, ungainly, ungracious, ungrateful, vanguard, vegan, vinegar, vulgar, waggon, wangle, watchdog, wig, wiggle, wriggle, yoga.

! Буквосочетание -gue на конце слов читается [g].

Упражнение 381 [g]

Brogue, catalogue, dialogue, drogue, eclogue, epilogue, fatigue, league, plague, plaguesome, plaguey, rogue, roguery, roguish, synagogue, vague, vaguely, vogue.

Читаем диалог!

- Could you get me some groceries when you go out?

- What exactly - nutmeg? gherkins? yoghurt?

- Of course not! Get me some bagels if they’ve got any ... sugar, eggs, garlic and figs and grapes, if they’re any good.

- OK.

Упражнение 382 [η]

Amusing, asking, arguing, backing, beginning, beaming, beating, bedding, begging, being, bleeding, blowing, bracing, breaking, breeding, calling, climbing, cling, clinging, clingy, coming, commanding, confiding, consulting, continuing, copping, countering.

Упражнение 383 [η]

Coursing, curling, digging, declining, demanding, denying, developing, dialling, doing, dressing, driving, eating, everlasting, exceedingly, fang, fearing, feeling, fencing, flinging, flooding, following, forbidding, frowning, fungus, gardening, getting, going, giggling.

Упражнение 384 [η]

Gong, gritting, grinding, greeting, having, hearing, hunting, inquiring, interesting, introducing, kissing, knowing, language, languish, laughing, lasting, length, licking, long, loving, living, lodgings, looking, making, meditating, motivating, moving, muzzling.

The engineer wrote a strange song for the young singer!

Упражнение 385 [η]

Netting, nightingale, observing, opening, passing, pigsticking, piping, planning, playing, polishing, preceding, preparing, prevailing, promising, qualifying, questioning, railing, raising, ravishing, regretting, relying, rendering, reporting.

Упражнение 386 [η]

Rolling, running, sailing, selling, scratching, screwing, sending, serving, sharing, shearing, shooting, single, slang, sliding, springing, starting, striking, tagging, taking, thinking, tongue, touring, trading, turning, understanding, varnishing, visiting, walking, washing, whispering, writing, working, wrong, yielding, zigzagging.

! Буквосочетания -nk-, -nc-, -nq- читаются [ηк].

Упражнение 387 [η]

Anchor, bank, blink, brink, bronco, bunk, canker, chink, clank, conjunction, conquer, donkey, drink, drinking, drunk, dunk, fink, flank, funk, honk, honky, hunk, hunkers, incubate, incubator, inquest, inquisition, link, linkage, monkey, monk.

Упражнение 388 [η]

Pink, pinkish, plank, plankton, plonk, plunk, punk, rank, rink, sank, sink, slink, slunk, spank, stink, stank, stink, tank, thank, think, tinker, tinkle, tranquil, trinket, uncle, wink, winkers, winkle.

Читаем диалог!

- What are you doing in the holidays?

- I’m thinking about going somewhere near Naples.

- Naples! How interesting! What are you planning to do there?

- Nothing much ... swimming ... lying in the sun ... having a good time ... eating ... drinking ... just relaxing.

- Ah! How charming!

Упражнение 389 [h]

Haberdasher, habit, hack, had, haddock, haft, haggard, hail, hair, half, hall, hallow, halt, ham, hamburger, hammer, hand, handmade, handsome, handy, hang, happen, harbour, hard, harden, hardly, hardwood, hare.

Упражнение 390 [h]

Harmony, harness, harp, harrow, harvest, hash, hasp, hat, hatch, hate, hateful, haul, have, hawk, hay, hayfork, hazard, hazel, head, header, health, healthy, hear, heart, hearty, heat, heave, heaven, heavenly, heavy, hedge, hedgehog, heed.

Упражнение 391 [h]

Heel, height, helicopter, hello, help, helpful, hem, hemline, hemp, hence, hen, herald, herb, herd, here, heritage, hermit, hero, heroism, heron, herring, herself, hesitant, hide, high, highly, hike, hilarious, hilarity, hill, him, hind, hinder, hint, hip.

Упражнение 392 [h]

Hippie, hire, his, hiss, history, hitch, hive, hoard, hoarse, hobble, hobby, hockey, hod, hold, hole, holiday, hollow, holy, home, homework, honey, hood, hook, hope, hopeful, horn, horoscope, horror, horse, hospital, host, hostage, hot.

Упражнение 393 [h]

Hotel, hothouse, house, how, howl, hub, huddle, hue, hug, hum, human, humanity, humble, humidity, humour, hump, hunt, hurry, hurt, husband, hush, husk, husky, hut, hybrid, hydra, hydrant, hygiene, hymn, hyphen, hypnotist, hysterical.

Упражнение 394 [h]

Who, who’d, whoever, whole, wholemeal, wholesale, wholesome, wholly, whom, whore, whose.

I have one hour of Art and half an hour of History!

Упражнение 395 [h]

Aha, ahead, alcohol, behalf, behave, behaviour, behind, behold, comprehend, dehorn, dehumanize, dehydrate, enhance, exhalation, exhale, foghorn, inhabit, inhale, inhere, inherent, inherently, inherit, inheritance, inhibit, inhibition.

Упражнение 396 [h]

Mahogany, mahout, misapprehension, mishear, mishit, mishandle, mishap, moorhen, oho, overhang, overhaul, overhead, overhear, parhelion, pot-head, potherb, pothole, pothouse, pothunter, preheat, prehensile, prehistoric, prehistory, prohibit, prohibitive.

Упражнение 397 [h]

Rehabilitate, rehash, rehear, rehearsal, rehearse, rehouse, teahouse, unhallowed, unhand, unhappily, unhappy, unhealthy, unheard, unhinge, unholy, unhook, upheaval, uphill, upholster, upholstery.

Читаем диалог!

- Have you ever been to a hospital?

- Yes. I wasn’t actually ill. But I used to play hockey, and I injured my hand. I had to go to Hill End Hospital.

- How did it happen?

- Oh, somebody just hit my hand very hard with a hockey stick.

Упражнение 398 [j]

Yacht, yachtsman, Yankee, yap, yard, yardage, yardstick, yarn, yaw, yawl, yawn, year, yearbook, yearlong, yearly, yearn, yeast, yell, yellow, yelp, yes, yesterday, yet, yield, yoke, you, young, your, youth, yowl.

Упражнение 399 [j]

Bayonet, bayou, barnyard, beyond, canyon, coyote, crayon, kayo, neckyoke, unyoke.

Упражнение 400 [j]

Uniform, unify, union, unique, unisex, unison, unite, united, unity, universal, universe, university, use, user, usually, utencil, utility, utilize, utopia, utopian, eucalyptus, eugenic, eulogist, eunuch, euphemism, euphoria, euro, eurocrat, euthanasia.

Упражнение 401 [j]

Bugle, bunion, bureau, calculate, cue, cure, duke, duty, endurance, fabulous, failure, fusion, human, lure, manual, manure, meticulous, music, new, news, neutron, obscure, pure, sew, speculation, tenuous, tenure, tune, tumid, tumour, tuna, tunic, tuner, view, viewpoint, carillon.

Читаем диалог!

- Did you use to use a computer when you were younger?

- No. When I was young there didn’t use to be any computers. I just used to play with a yo-yo ... um ... I haven’t played with a yoyo for years ... Have you got a yo-yo?

- No, just a computer.